The spiritual diary of the saint Tsaritsa the Passion Bearer is a treasure that has been kept under wraps for a long time. If it is to reveal to the reader the truth about her pure soul, it is sure to become not as much a historical discovery as a religious one.

Saint Alexandra, if one may say so, is a double martyress, for her murder in the basement of the Ipatiev House in Yekaterinburg was followed by decades of slandering, which was fanned by passionate attempts of God-fighters and Christ-haters to rewrite the history of mankind. For the past 80 years, little has been done to eradicate this lie. Many slandered, and those who attempted to speak honestly about the Russian Imperial family were destroyed. One by one, these little drops of lies filled and keep filling the disgusting cup of filth that is still being poured over the memory of the martyress.

Saint Alexandra was a pious woman before her martyrdom, and her life of overcoming hardship and temptations is similar to what every person faces.

The original diary from 1917 is a small book bound in fabric with a light blue cover sewn by Alexandra Fyodorovna herself and with a small cross embroidered in the corner. On the inside of the cover, written by the hand of Her Majesty, is a simple “Alix, 1917.”

This book by the Empress Alexandra Fyodorovna contains extracts from writings that inspired her (in particular, she read works by J. R. Miller). They were written down by Her Majesty in her diary (GARF, f. 640, op. 1, d. 317).


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